DAWLADDA PUNTLAND EE SOOMAALIYEED  WASAARADDA WAXBARASHADA IYO TACLIINTA SARE ولاية بونت لاند الصوماليةوزارة التربية والتعليم العاليمكتب الوزير

                                             Xafiiska Wasiirka

                                          Office of the Minister


Ref: W/W/W/B/029/2015                                                          Date: 10/09/2015


To:       All Education Partners in Puntland

Ref: Teacher Training

The Minister for Education and Higher Education wishes to notify all education partners that any teacher training that its duration is over two-week should be held at Garowe teachers Education college(GTEC) as being having capacity to accommodate teachers education for both primary and secondary teachers as well as being only public institution offers various teacher education courses.

The circular I am releasing today is the result of a broad consultation process that involved various members in the education system. It constitutes the official letter for teacher training in Puntland.

We recognize that our education partners have made progress on teacher training in addressing shortage of qualified teachers in both primary and secondary schools in Puntland. We believe that in your role as education partners, you will have a crucial function in improving teacher training in Puntland/Somalia.

In addition, to guarantee the coherence and quality of all teacher training programs, I ask the education partners to ensure that responsibility for teacher training as this circulation mentions. This will promote an effective partnership between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Education Partners towards teacher training. In this way (united teacher training), I believe that we will be able to train teachers to meet society’s expectations in terms of education, ethics and development.


I am confident that all the education partners will positively respond to my call to unite teacher training. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their technical and financial support.


We hope that you will consider these as priority issues in your action plans regarding to teacher training.


Prof. Abshir Yuusuf Ciise

Minister of Education and Higher Education

Cc: Mr. Ahmed Abdi Ali Shire, Director General, MoE&HE

Cc: Dr. Mohamed Ali Farah, vice Minister, MoE&HE

Cc: Mr. Abdinasir Hersi, Director of TEU, TVET and Projects, MoE&HE

Garowe Teachers Education College (GTEC), Garowe





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