Quality Assurance

The Department of Quality Assurance and Standards                 25/08/2015


The Quality Assurance Service (inspectorate) is a department of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the Puntland State of Somalia. Itis three years old (established Dec,2009), and before the current administration took over, it was not in existence. The Chief Inspector of Schools (CIS) heads the department.  He is the senior professional adviser to the Director General Education.  Staff who are recruited as Quality Assurance Officers have had special training and successful professional experience in education.

The department is the professional arm of the Ministry of Education and charged with the establishment, maintenance and improvement of standards of education in the Puntland Primary and secondary schools. Through interaction with the schools, the department collects the necessary data and information and informs the Ministry on the trends in standards and achievements in the education within Puntland. The department was initially referred to as the “the Inspectorate”. It is now referred to as “Department of Quality Assurance and Standards”. This demonstrates the importance the Puntland Government is placing on issues of quality education

The ‘mission’ of the Department of Quality Assurance and Standards is to establish, maintain and improve educational standards in the State. Its ‘vision’ is to provide quality assurance feedback to all educational stakeholders on all educational institutions in Puntland. From the mission and vision statements of this department, it is clear that it is a very central department in the provision of quality assurance in education.

We contribute towards achieving the Government’s strategic goal of “Improving the relevance and quality of education.”

We do this by promoting sustainable improvements in standards, quality and achievement for all children in Puntland’s schools through first-hand evaluation (inspection) and providing high quality professional advice.

The MOE is keen to move beyond approaches to supervision and inspection of schools which measure compliance with minimum standards, and adopt approaches which more effectively promote school improvement.

Draft structure of QA department at Ministry of education of Puntland Government.


Notwithstanding the aforementioned issues, we highlight the following achievements:

  1. successful performance of core roles and functions in the face of obstacles and challenges;
  2. successful planning and coordinating of training programmes for central /regional supervisors, REOs and DEOs;
  3. successful supervision of crisis situations in schools;
  4. liaising with internal and external agencies to promote health, safety and security in schools;
  5. Facilitation of the development, assessment, approval and supervision of School Improvement Plans (SIPs);
  6. Inspection tools:There are tools that were prepared to serve the purpose of inspection and assurance of quality in standards;
  1. Inspection exercise: The Inspectorate prepared a whole school inspection/supervision timetable that took place three times in the last three year;
  2. partial success in the implementation of CAP in primary schools;
  3. the National Guidelines for School Improvement have been produced;
  4. a set of minimum standards for Primary, Secondary and alternative education have been developed and APPROVED;
  5. Completion and implementation of the MLA tests in Puntland grade4 and 7 : The Minimum Learning Acheivements test is an idea of the ICDSEA Result Area 4 whose objective is to measure literacy and numeracy levels of Puntland pupils at this learning level;
  6. 12 MoE employees trained in curriculum assessment and evaluation:
  7. Set of minimum professional standards for teacher certification are developed and staff trained.
  8. Developed systems to assess learning outcomes and the overall performance of the primary, secondary, and alternative education system in delivering core competencies required.
  9. developed the basis of an effective system of school supervision for primary and secondary that measures progress and identify weaknesses, with personnel trained
  10. MoE department and regional staff trained in the skills of supervision in PL.
  11. Training provided for school administrators on minimum standards of curricula, teaching and assessment;

In the present reforms, the department and Unit of School Supervision will undergo radical and far-reaching change. Though the Chief Inspector and‘Head Office’ arethe key players in ensuring high quality schooling, their activities of thedepartment are mostly school-based.

The department remains committed to the current reform thrust, its goals and its values.

Key Issues/Challenges
The departmentworks with certain constraints and challenges, some of which are listed below:

  1. overload of normal and peripheral duties;
  2. inadequate performance assessment system;
  3. lack of modern productivity training and professional equipment;
  4. poor recruitment regime;
  5. inadequate office and equipment resources and environments.
  6. there is no allocation in the Ministry budget for this exercise, then it does not take place.
  1. Human resources: Another challenge that the Department faces is in terms of its personnel; there are very few qualified supervisors at the district and regional levels.

In pursuit of excellence and quality, the following recommendations are hereby suggested:

  1. the formulation of an action plan;
  2. the development of a Procedure Manual for School Supervisors that outlines procedures for the key activities of school supervisors;
  3. continuous professional development for school supervisors;
  4. provision of resources (human, physical/facilities, financial) for optimal functioning of education districts;
  5. provision of technical training and equipment for school supervisors to do their job effectively;
  6. effective and meaningful recruitment procedures for the selection of new school supervisors;
  7. a mandatory long-term in-service training and certification plan for the current and new Regional school supervisors;



Event                   Start                 End

Dhacdo                                               BilowDhammaad


School Opening Day                         3rd August 2015

First Term Duration                            3rd August2015                                    4th January 2015

BilowgaTeeramka 1aad                      3daAgoosto 2015                                  4taJanaayo 2015


Teachers Day                                      21st November2015                             21st November2015

MaalintaMacalimiinta             21daNofeembar2015                            21daNofeembar2015


Midterm Exams                                   13th December2015                             19th December2015

ImtixaankaNaqliga T. 1aad                13kaDiseembar 2015                           19kaDiseembar2015


Midterm Vacation                               20th December 2015                            4th January 2016

FasaxaTeeramka 1aad                       20kaDiseembar 2015               4taJannaayo 2016


Beginning of Second Term                  5th January 2016                                 31st May 2016

BilowgaTeeramka 2aad                      5taJannaayo 2016                                31daMay 2016


Second Term Exams                           9th May 2016                                       14th May 2016

ImtixaankaNaqliga T. 2aad                9kaMay 2016                                        14ka May 2016


Centralized Exams                              21st May2016                          28thMay 2016

ImtixaankaShahaadiga                       23ka May 2016                         28ka May 2016


Second term Vacation                         1stJune2016                                         2ndAugust 2016

FasaxaTeeramka 2aad                       1daJuun 2016                                       2daAgoosto 2016




C/qaadirYuusuf Nuux

حكومة ولاية بونت لاند الصوماليةوزارة التربية والتعليم العالي



Ref :  __00478___/X/Ag/WWTSR/2015                                                                20/08/2015



KU: Dhammaan Guddoomiyayaasha Waxbarashada Gobollada                 Fadhigooda

KU: Dhammaan Guddoomiyayaasha Waxbarashada Degmooyinka         Fadhigooda                                       KU: Dhammaan Kormeerayaasha Gobollada                                                 Fadhigooda

KU: Maamulayaasha dugsiyada  H/Dhexe iyo Sareba                                  Fadhigooda

KU: Agaasimaha Waaxda Taya-Dhawrka  ee W W & TS                               Gacan saar

KU: Agaasimaha Waaxda waxbarashada Tooska ah                                     Gacan saar                                     KU: Madaxa Dugsiyada  Gaarka loo leyahay                                                   Gacan saar

KU: AgaasimahaWaaxda imtixanaadka                                                            Gacan saar

OG: Wasiir-ku-xigeenada Was.Waxbarashadda                                            Gacan saar

OG: Wasiirka Was.Waxbarashadda  &TS                                                         Gacan saar



Ujeeddo: Diiwaan – galinta Dugsiyada iyo Xarumaha  Punland


Annaga oo ka duulayna sanadkan oo ah sanadkii tayaynta waxbarashada,isla markaana ay noo muuqdeen caqabado fara badan oo wiiqaaya tayada waxbarashada,sida:-

  1. Iskuullo fara badan oo sida meheradaha loo  furto oo ujeedadoodu tahay  dhaqaale doon uun,balse aan la fakirin tayadooda.
  2. Macallimiin jaban oo tayadoodu liidato oo laga soo waarido meelo ka baxsan waddanka,si dhaqaale loo abuurto.
  3. Goobta in wax lagu barto loo furanaayo oo aan laga fakirin haboonaantooda xag caafimaad iyo xag waxbarsho toona.
  4. Manaahij qalaad oo aan u adeegayn baahida wadanka iyo mustaqbalka ubadkeena oo iyana soo badanaaya.
  5. Dadajin iyo bootin laga gadaayo ubadka iyo waalidka aan waxbarshada fahamsanayn.

Si  hadaba loo baajiyo khaladaadkaas kor ku xusan iyo kuwo kale oo badan,ayaa waxaa la ogeysiinayaa,lana farayaa dhammaan mas’uuliyiinta kor ku xusan qodobadan soo socda:-


  • Dhammaan dugsiyada hadda shaqeeya waa in ay iska diiwaan galiyaan Wasaaradda Waxbarashada.
  • Sidoo kale waa inay dhammaan macallimiinta ajnabiga ah iska diiwaan galiyaan Wasaaaaradda Waxbarshada.
  • Dugsi hoose,mid dhexe iyo mid sare toonna lama furi karo illaaa ogolaansho laga helo Wasaaradda.
  • Lama aqoonsan doono dugsi aan ku dhaqmin manaahijta iyo awaamiirta wasaaradda.
  • Ogolaansho iyo diiwaan galin waxaa la siin doonaa dugsigii buuxiya shuruudaha is- diiwaan-galinta.


 Agaasimaha Guud ee Wasaaradda Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinta Sare


Axmed Cabdi Cali Shire



حكومة ولاية بونت لاند الصوماليةوزارة التربية والتعليم العالي


Summad: WWB/KG/051/2012                                                    Taarikh: 05/07/2013


KU:   Dhammaan Guddoomiyayaasha Waxbarashada  Gobolada.

OG: Agaasimaha Waaaxda Waxbarashada Asaasiga

OG: Agaaasimaha Waaxda Imtixaanaadka .

OG: Agaasimaha Guud  Wasaaradda Waxbarashada

OG: Wasiir-ku-xigeenada Wasaaradda Waxbarashada

OG: Wasiirka Wasaaradda Waxbarashada


Ujeeddo: Soo gudbin Natiijada Imtixaanaadka (Tabulation of exam results)



Dhammaan Guddoomiyayaasha  Waxbarashada Gobolada D.PL.S waxaa la farayaa inay xaqiijiyaan in dhammaan dugsiyada (asaasiga & sareba) soo gudbiyaan natiijada Imtixaaanaadka iyo tira-koobta kooban ee dugsi walba ee gobolkaas ah.

Dugsiyada Hoose/Dhexe waxaa laga rabaa inay soo gudbiyaan natiijad fasalada; 5, 6 & 7.  Dugsiyada Sare waxaa iyana laga rabaa fasalada   1, 2 & 3.


Maadooyinka Carabiga iyo Diinta waxaaa lagu sixi doonaa min boqol(100%), waxaaana lagu dhacaa wixii (50%) ka hooseeya.



Agaasimaha Kormeerka  Guud

A/qaadir Yuusuf Nuux                              Saxiix………………………………..




                                                   OFFICE OF THE MINISTER

Ref: WWW/B/0018/2015                                                                        22nd July, 2015

KU: Dhammaan Guddoomiyayaasha Waxbarashada Gobollada              Fadhigooda

KU: Dhammaan Guddoomiyayaasha Waxbarashada Degmooyinka        Fadhigooda

KU: Dhammaan Kormeerayaasha Gobollada                                           Fadhigooda

KU: Maamulayaasha dugsiyada  H/Dhexe iyo Sareba                             Fadhigooda

KU: Kormeeraha Guud  ee Wasaaradda Waxbarashada                          Gacan saar

KU: Agaasimaha Waaxda waxbarashada Tooska ah                               Gacan saar

KU: Madaxa Qeybta Dugsiyada Sare                                                      Gacan saar

KU: AgaasimahaWaaxda imtixanaadka                                                  Gacan saar

OG: Agaasimaha Guud ee Was.Waxbarashadda                                     Gacan saar


Ujeedo: Tallaabo ka qaadid Shahaado iyo Bedel Been-abuur ah


Si  looga hortago shahaadooyinka  iyo bedelada been-abuurka ah ee  ku soo badanaya dugsiyada gaar ahaan dugsiyada sare oo majo-xaabin iyo burbur ku ah tayada waxbarashada Puntland, waxaa la farayaa dhammaan Guddoomiyayaasha Waxbarashada Gobollada iyo Degmooyinka ,Kormeeraha Guud iyo Kormeerayaasha Gobollada , Agaasimaha Waaxda Waxbarashada Tooska ah,Madaxa Qeybta dugsiyada sare iyo Agaaasimaha Waaxda Imtixaanaadka inay  qaadaan tallaabooyin wadajir ah oo lagu xaqiijinayo habsami u socodka waxbarashada dugsiyada isla markaana looga hortagayo wax kasta oo hagardaamo ku ah waxbarashada. Tallaaboooyinkaas waxaa ka mid ah:


  • In mas’uuliyiiinta kor ku xusani ay sameeyaan kormeer buuxa oo ay ugu kuurgalayaan cidda ka danbeysa sameynta bedellada  iyo shahaadooyinka been-abuurka ah iyo dugsiyada dhiirigalinaya falalkaas xun.
  • Ciddii lagu helo iyada oo falkaas ka shaqeynaysa ama dhiiri galinaysa waxaa laga qaadi doonaa tallaabada ku haboon oo heer wasaaradeed ah.
  • Ardaygii aan silsiladda ama jaraanjarada Waxbarashada aan raacin ama soo booday ma fariisan doono imtixaaanka shahaadiga ah.
  • Gudddoomiyayaasha Waxbarashada Gobollada iyo kuwa degmooyinka ayaa mas’uul ka ah isu bedelka dugsiyada si gaar ah Guddoomiyaha Waxbarashada Gobolka ayaa wixii bedel oo dhammi hoos imanayaan.
  • Mas’uuliyiintu waa in ay xaqiijiiyaan in dhammaan dugsiyadu soo gudbiyaan natiijada imtixaankii sanad-dugsiyeeedkii la soo dhaafay,oo horey loogu wargeliyey.


Wasiirka Wasaaradda Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinta  sare.

Mudane Abshir Ciise Yuusuf



Hoos ka Daawo Sawiradii Tayeynta Waxbarashadda


IMG_2209 IMG_2202 IMG_2200 IMG_2197 IMG_2203 IMG_2189 IMG_2192 IMG_2193 IMG_2196 IMG_2221 IMG_2186 IMG_2187 IMG_2188 IMG_2220 IMG_2219 IMG_2218 IMG_2217 IMG_2215 IMG_2216

IMG_5310 IMG_0405 IMG_0401 IMG_0364 IMG_0391 IMG_9909 IMG_9912 IMG_9908 IMG_9905 IMG_9907 IMG_9904

1 4 11 19 20 22


IMG_1372 IMG_1369 IMG_1364 IMG_1363 IMG_1361

IMG_1365 IMG_1372 IMG_1377 IMG_1382 IMG_1384 IMG_1388 IMG_1392 IMG_1397 IMG_1405 IMG_1408 IMG_1409 IMG_1411 IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1427 IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1434 IMG_1445 IMG_1446 IMG_1447 IMG_1448 IMG_1452 IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1461

DSC07928 DSC07936 DSC07949 DSC07969 DSC07998 DSC08009 DSC08020 DSC08046 DSC08543 DSC08582

_DSC0235 DSC00011 DSC00021 DSC00037 DSC00044 DSC00508 DSC00902 DSC02113 DSC02660

DSC02661 DSC03261 DSC03314 DSC03386 DSC03407 DSC03418 DSC03589 DSC03667 - Copy DSC03946 DSC04118 DSC06182 DSC07907 DSC08013 DSC08152 DSC08157 DSC08224

DSC07898 DSC08273 DSC08511 DSC08512 DSC08582 DSC09107 DSC09136 DSC09161 DSC09225 DSC09244 DSC09254 DSC09572 DSC09591 DSC09601 DSC09688 DSC09695

DSC09722 DSC09723 DSC09728 DSC09755 DSC09758 DSC09762 IMG_0036 IMG_0294 IMG_0345 IMG_0356 - Copy IMG_0366

DSC08013 DSC08273 DSC08511 DSC08512 DSC08739 DSC09107 DSC09136 DSC09150 DSC09161 DSC09225 DSC09254DSC03946 DSC07907 DSC08157 DSC09244 DSC09758 IMG_0036



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