Our Mandate

The Puntland Ministry of Education shall forefront the fundamental interests of its community by ensuring a high standard of quality education system within the region. This is achieved through the provision of an all-inclusive quality education that is accessible and relevant to all Puntlanders. The vision is guided by the understanding that quality education and training contribute significantly to economic growth and expansion of employment opportunities.


Quality education systems that guarantee and foster success for learners of all abilities


To provide an enduring quality holistic education that responds to and recognizes and realizes the spiritual, cultural, intellectual, physical and potential of all learners, enabling them to make fulfilling life choices – responsive to socio-economic and environmental changes.

Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan


Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan is the current Minister of Education and Higher Education of Puntland

Bashir Jama Mohamud

Vice Minister

Bashir Jama Mohamud is the vice Minister of Education and Higher Education of Puntland

Abdullahi Hassan Rooble

State Minister

Abdullahi Hassan Rooble is the Minister of Education and Higher Education of Puntland 

Mohamed Ali Farah

Director General

Mohamed Ali Farah is the longest serving and current Director General of puntland. 

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